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The first time you do business on our website, we'll automatically create an account for you in our Online Print Center. We make buying from us easy.

In your print portal, you will be able to track orders, view order histories, update credentials, view proofs, and re-order your printing. We will even create a branded portal for your entire organization, be it one location or hundreds. You have this for FREE, complete with all your branches, document libraries, company managers, order approval hierarchies, custom notifications, inventory management, and more.

Are you (the owner), CEO, or manager looking for better ways to manage and track your print, mail, and signage orders? Perhaps you're a marketing executive wanting to share the company’s new master brand with all 100 of your offices. Instead of making numerous calls, sifting through paper reports, or generating multiple emails - you simply access your customized, comprehensive web portal. You can then order and ship all your print, mail and sign needs at one location maintaining color, product and brand constancy. 

“Our printing portal concept is a higher functioning system of ordering. We have safely deployed this new portal ordering system to be a responsive, productive repository of your valuable information."  - Dennis Trump, President of Trump Direct. 

The advantage of a printing portal is that all of your company’s marketing, printing, mailing and graphic resources can reside in one central and secure space.  Available any time, from anywhere, using a simple web browser. “At Trump Direct, we provide powerful portal solutions to help you with your business strategy,” stated Dennis Trump. “Its powerful design can broaden and deepen as you build your order history, or your needs grow or change.”

At a glance: Our on print center portal integrates a variety of functions in one unique portal where users can access multiple tools using a single login.

Here is a quick look at some of the things you will do:

  • Your custom portal is the most powerful online ordering and web-to-print solution. You can handle complicated challenges.  Like upload huge files that cannot be emailed, send variable data files, online proofing & approval, catalog and item segregation, order confirmation, set shipment options, and request estimates.

  • Using our portal via your custom account, your partners, employees and managers can have an individual user experience with personalized logins  based on role, context, location, preferences, and authority. Users can access current data, manage documents, initiate collaboration, print order reports – do just about anything – all in a familiar, browser-based environment.

With your portal efficiency is just a keystroke way. You can easily store, search, access,  all your business forms, manuals, marketing materials, and other essential corporate collateral. Online portal management lets you maximize productivity while reducing the costs associated with printing materials and generating promotions. Easy and secure, it enables quick document management putting you in full control. You maintain content consistency, ensure documents are always current and updated, and manage changes in real time, online, anytime.

Taking charge means reducing the waste and costs from holding quantities of obsolete marketing materials and from storing unused inventory. Our method also allows you to maintain the accuracy of your material and protect your corporate brand identity. Ensuring that only the most current logos, content, designs, and images are used in every printed piece, keeping your brand consistent throughout your organization.

As a multi-location solution, our online portals will streamline document printing and management for your locations in the next city, across the country or worldwide. Combined with our fulfillment capabilities, print on demand using our portals can eliminate your costly fulfillment needs of you picking, packing and shipping materials from your site to your other locations. You additionally will find the speed of online document management powerfully supports just-in-time marketing campaigns, so today you do it only when you're ready for a launch.

Consistent information is key to brand, marketing credibility. You pair this with personalized customized content  and is much more relevant to your customers. Using our portals helps you to do this and keeps it simple. 

We at Trump Direct are committed to making your company more profitable, and a portal is just one of the things we do to accomplish that.